50 pack, Disposable Face Masks

50 pack, Disposable Face Masks

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Tiered pricing on 3-ply Blue Masks

Price per box:
$9- (50 masks)
$8- (1000 masks)
$7- (2000 masks)

In an effort to drive prices as far down as possible, we have lowered our prices again!

The market-based rates on 3-ply blue masks arriving at the docks continue to fall. The price per mask is approaching the floor in contrast to the days where wholesale pricing surged.

Lyman Island has continuously brought in masks reactively based upon the sale. With ample supply from our strong network of safety suppliers, we have kept inventory low causing our “landed price” to be low - This in turn allowed us the ability to be more competitive than our competitors on the spot market. Instead of buying more than we needed, we saw mask prices drop while they were still “on the water” - meaning they were coming in from overseas on a boat. By monitoring this market behavior, the prices have dropped month-over-month and we have been ready.

As the prices continued to drop drastically, we encouraged businesses to buy in short blocks to benefit from the impending future price drops. Through market-based strategic purchasing, Lyman Island has consistently delivered and provided a competitive price throughout all of 2020...

In contrast, nitrile glove prices are on the rise, so we’ve decided to stock up in an effort to hold prices at a lower price for our customers. Moreover, our elevated glove inventory has given our customers the much needed access to an industrial product in very high demand...


Delivered Price List for Western Mass & North-Central CT

3-ply masks:
1 standard box of 50 masks - $9.00 (18 cents each)
Price break on 1000 masks - $8.00 (16 cents)
Price break on 2000 masks - $7.00 (14 cents)

Nitrile gloves: $150/case (1000/case)
Alcohol wipes: $20/bucket (150/bucket)
Hand sanitizer: $2.00/8 oz bottle (10 bottles)

In stock and ready to ship.

Other items available:
- Liquid hand soap
- Antimicrobial foaming soap
- Disinfectants (1-min to 10-min kill times)
- Military grade non-medical filtered masks
- Medical/industrial grade N95 masks
- Barrier plexiglass
- Furniture/floor plan redesigns

Call 1-800-595-0825 x107 - Ask for Matt Lyman.


Delivered by Lyman Island Supply

$10-$20 for a New England delivery outside of delivery zone.  Beyond our NE Zone, all product is subject to freight charges. 

Van delivery zone: (North to South) Greenfield, MA to Springfield, MA to Hartford, CT; (East to West) MA- Palmer, MA to Westfield, MA & CT- Manchester, CT to Granby, CT.

Some product is on allocation with extended lead time.  We will prioritize product based on annual usage and necessity during a window of need.  Institutions, businesses then residential customers.  Institutional and business (commercial and industrial) needs will be provided during our delivery hours- 5AM to 2PM. Residential deliveries will typically arrive from 2PM to 9PM and weekends.